100(almost) Accomplishments in 2011: Surprised What I Learned!

Inspired by Lisa Call’s post listing her 100 accomplishments for 2011, and Alyson Stanfield’s, of ArtBiz.com, post about  2011 accomplishments, I decided to tackle the challenge. What would the result be? Could I make it to 100?

1. Successfully sold and completed my first commercial commission to a dental office.

2. Identified my current painting series subject entitled, “Window Within a Window;” Have stayed focused on this theme for the past 6 months.

3. Painted 12 “window” paintings; several others were not successful and found themselves under the sander. Average size was 24×30 and one was 36×48..

4. Attempted and painted 6 small/mini abstract paintings – this was an experiment to see if I could paint small – for my open house in Sept. Also learned a new contemporaty way to display these.

5. Painted one Memory Portrait commission of a black Labrador.

6. Painted 4 large abstract paintings.

7. Kept my website up to date – most of the time!

8. Revised and re-designed my blog ArtfulCatalyst.com

9. Began the process of hiring a VA (virtual assistant) in 2/2012; met the VA I want to hire in Sept.nand started a list of tasks she would do for me.

10. Commented regularly on the FASO newsletter blog.

11. Wrote and posted on my blog 14 times.

12. Ended the year in the BLACK.

13. Had a major Open House in September with an art garage sale included in our garage.

14. Learned how to bead — this is a new hobby – and made several earrings and necklaces.

15. Two paintings exhibited in regional juried show “Water, Water Everywhere!” in Salida, CO.

16. Attended Alyson Stanfields’s Social Media Course in Golden, CO.

17. Designed and started my Fan page on Facebook.

18. Learned how to use PageModo to create a landing page for my Fan Page.

19. Learned how to use Behance to provide a slide show of my paintings on my LinkedIn profile.

20. Learned how to use Hootsuite to learn how to organize tweets on Twitter.

21. Completed my LinkedIn profile page – of course one’s profile is never completed :).

22. Two of my abstracts were accepted to be featured in a 2012 abstract e-book.

23. Presented (90-minute) “Painting My Passion: An Artist’s Journey with the Women of the West,” to the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society in October – it was great to get back on stage.

24. Wrote and published a monthly art newsletter every month.

25. Created a 30lb. butterfly for the local Butterfly Project which contributed $1,400.00 to the $40K raised for local school art programs.

26. Attended the large gala event for butterflies (#25) to network.

27. Traveled to Paris – I posted a blog about this trip – and visited 5 major art museums I have never seen!!

28. Stayed in our mountain cabin alone for a month in June-July where my window series gelled and became a reality.

29. Cabin was insulated, consequently, I painted interior walls of 3 rooms.

30. Began writing my color mixing book: “From Mud to Magic: Painting with Color Confidence.” 5 of the 7 chapters are ready for editing.

31. 4 people have volunteered so far to read and edit my book – more are welcome.

32. Continued to challenge myself artistically, particularly with new concept ideas and improving my use of values.

33. Made good connections with fellow artists, especially through A. Stanfield’s class and my open house.

34. Inspired by Birger Sandzen show I attended twice at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center.

35. Traveled to New Orleans, visited galleries and made a good connection with a gallery owner.

36. Attended IAPS (International Assoc of Pastel Societies) convention in Santa Fe and re-connected with fellow artist/mentor Fred Sommers.

37. My sister (64) died Oct 11th and am helping her adult children process her sudden death.

38. Won the “People’s Choice” award in juried show for “Coming Up for Air;” – what a thrill and honor!

39. Learning about various resources available on the Internet.

40. Learned how to use GoogleDocs, sharing documents, presentations, etc.

41. Began graduate level Social Media on-line course with George Kao in Sept and completed 6 of 8 modules; attended Q&A calls regularly.

42. Began graduate level online course The Webinar Method with George Kao in Nov. and completed 2 of 8 modules; attended Q&A calls regularly.

43. Attended several other short social media webinars throughout the year.

44. Helped mentor 3 artists who contacted me.

45. Attended the Southern Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce in December and will join in 2012.

46. Attended the Pikes Peak Radar Meeting in June to learn about all of the various creative projects in this area and to network.

47. Featured artist on the Pikes Peak Radar website; this resulted from attending above meeting and networking.

48. Gained 125 fans on my Facebook Fan Page within a couple of months.

49. Read “The War of Art.”

50. Perused my art books on a regular basis for inspiration and instruction, such as, 100 Artists of New York, Escher, Chicago, Payne, etc.

51. Designed and marketed my 2012 desk calendar (30 of 50 sold).

52. I think the writing of my book should get another line because of all of the painting exercises I have to create for it. :)

53. Replaced over 15 plants in my garden that were eaten by the voles during the winter and maintained it all year – gardening keeps me grounded (pun intended!).

54. Painted regularly in my studio – almost daily.

55. Got together 4 times with a fellow artist to paint and critique one another – invaluable.

56. Coaching my 30-something nephew as he battles alcoholism and near homelessness.

57. Fully recovered from double jaw surgery (Aug 2010) around mid-summer.

58. Survived one root canal and 4 new crowns.

59. Braces removed in Feb and hosted a huge party in March to celebrate!

60. Walked my wonder dog 1-3 times weekly.

61. Read several brain candy novels for entertainment.

62. Assisted my husband with his home-based consulting business.

63. Assisted good friend in painting, electrical work and fixing up the interior/exterior of her new home.

64. Wrote the features & benefits of my color mixing webinar to be offered in 2012.

65. Wrote my sales page and course outline for my upcoming color webinar/online course.

66. Researched Santa Fe galleries and spent 2 days exploring these galleries in person.

67. Work accepted in a Long Beach, CA, gallery; this happened via LinkedIn.

68. 3 paintings shipped to Gina MW Gallery in Nov.

69. Identified 4 people I would like to partner with in 2012 to initiate my color mixing course.

70. Through several physical therapy sessions, learned exercises to strengthen my back, stomach and thighs.

71. My nearly twice a month drive to Ft Collins (2.5 hours each way) for dental work and follow-up, ended in October!!

72. Researched several competitors in the color mixing field and reviewed their books and DVD’s.

73. Defined how my color mixing course is different, particularly since it describes HOW to mix color, not just WHAT to do.

74. Learned how to use my new iPhone – argh!

75. Purchased a Flip camera and learned how to operate.

76. Learned how to use the calendar features on my Mac and iPhone.

77. Perused and read 3 major monthly art magazines.

78. Attended art exhibition in the Golden, CO, art center.

79. Designed and purchased bookmarks to be marketing give-aways; I hand them out freely.

80. Kept 7×5 photo album of artworks up to date and carried with me regularly.

81. Began establishing several good friendships who have become supportive in my art endeavors; ended two toxic relationships.

82. An invited artist (5 artists) to participate in abstract show at Palmer Park Art Center.

83. Participated in Kimberly Conrad’s painting group show at Brushstrokes Gallery in Denver.

84. Learned how to use FineArtAmerica.com and uploaded 30 images onto this site.

85. Took Brene Brown’s online course about shame – Ordinary Courage – in July/August.

86. Read biographies of Susan B. Konen and Howard Hughes – inspirational.

87. Took regular photos of my paintings as they evolved and uploaded them for future blogs and resources for me.

88. Met with Philadelphia artist who was visiting in CO, to share ideas, work and stay connected.

89. Attended the Rocky Moutain’s Film Festival in Colorado Springs – fascinating and enlightening.

90. Designed and painted small logo for my color mixing course and began using it in my newsletter.

91. Discovered a new water mixable oil paint, Cobra, and began using a couple of new tubes, particularly their Cad red light since I love using orange as a mixing color.

92. Donated two paintings to the Pikes Peak Humane Society for their auction.

93. Experimented and figured out how to paint the edges of my gallery canvases – this took some time – and wrote a blog with photos about it.

94. Attended the off Broadway production of “West Side Story,” in Denver, but a snowstorm prevented us from visiting the new Still Museum.

95. Submitted a painting monthly to an online juried exhibition.

Approaching this challenge was accompanied by a full range of emotions – from angst to let’s see what happens. First, I realized that writing out 10 at a time was made the task more feasible because 100 was daunting, then I used Alyson Stanfield’s categorizing to help me remember what I did during the year. The first 40-50 rattled off fairly quickly, which really surprised me – pleasantly!! Then I went to my studio and bookcase to spark a few more memories. Lisa’s list was a role model and like her, I decided to include a few personal events. Then I sneaked up to 80 accomplishments, walked the dog, and remembered a few more. 95 was a HUGE surprise and cause for some back slapping.

After the personal (and hubby’s) accolades, I began processing my list – What does it tell me? What is missing? What gives in 2012? How does this coincide with my 2012 goals?

I noticed that 2011 was full of expanding my technical knowledge, getting out there on the Internet, and whole lot more face-to-face networking (in comparison to previous years). At first I was disappointed that I only had 14 blog posts, but then I gave myself a break because I did get all of my monthly newsletters out and I did get fairly far writing my color mixing book. Now I have to decide how I can up my number of blog posts and consistently. Putting all of this in writing is very useful and I will spend more time evaluating it. A special thank you to Lisa Call and Alyson Stanfield!

Are you ready to take on the challenge! I certainly cheer you on! Go ahead, what are your Top 10?


  1. says

    Hey Carol, I posted this as a response to your comment on my blog…but in case you don’t make it there here it goes again…. I really do have lots to be happy about…Just didn’t realize it until I started writing things down following Alyson’s accomplishment list…
    I did read yours yesterday in your newsletter. You also have LOTS to be proud of. I’ll check it out on your blog (and here I am).
    One thing I forgot to mention here was getting together with you on my way back from Santa Fe. I’ll have to do a post about that sometime. I did post the pictures we took when I got back…And…that’s when you showed me the paintings you were thinking about doing for your window within a window series. Congrats on all your wonderful accomplishments!
    Hugs to you!

  2. carolmac2 says

    Thanks Dora!! I needed both Alyson and Lisa to get me do it! LOL! It turned out to be a very satisfactory thing to do. No worries about not mentioning me on your trip, heavens, you did a lot of things on that trip! Miss you guys. OOXX

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